Social Media COntent +Branding 

Are you a health + wellness coach looking for some photos to showcase the hard work you're putting in to motivate your team? A blogger hoping to connect to as many people as possible through your social media platforms? A designer, creator, crafter who wants to show the face behind the stunning visuals and products you create?  A social media influencer dying for some fresh content for a cohesive IG feed? 


In this day and age, social media rules the marketing scene. Social media branding sessions will provide you will everything you need for instagram/facebook content. I like to think of these as a revved up headshot session. These sessions are built specifically for entrepreneurs of all types and they are all about YOU. Social media influencers, bloggers, small business owners, fitness coaches, glam artists, hair stylists, representatives of all sorts, boss ladies (and gents), instagram lovers, craftspeople + every kind of person in between. These sessions are collaborative from the ground up. We’ll work together to carefully plan every detail as far as how you want to portray your individual brand through your personality, sense of style + love for what you do. Not only will you walk away with stunning images to captivate your audience, but you'll leave with a crystal clear picture of what sets you apart. Let’s show the world what YOU bring to the table. 




Q: Do you have to be a business owner to take advantage of these sessions?

A: NOPE. Maybe you just want some amazing content for your instagram and I CAN relate to that. Do it for yourself.


Q: What makes this type of session different than a standard portrait session?

A: This session is customized completely to fit who you are and this is the biggest difference between my standard session and a branding session. We’ll select your location + wardrobe together in a way that is tailored to how you want your brand to be recognized. Everything will be done with your personalized brand in mind. Editing will be consistent with your brand.